Where Can You Find Bats Hiding In Your House?

Where Do You Find Bats Hiding In Your Home?


How to Find a Bat Hiding In The House?

When you get realize there is a bat inside your home, you need to look for a way of trapping the bat. You should look at how to do it. If you’re unsure of where the bat lands and is hiding, you need to search for it. Bats can burrow into areas where they’re not easily visible.

Time to Put on Your Sherlock Holmes Cap

You first need to take a moment to rest before trying to capture the bat. Like all mammals, bats carry rabies and most people are concerned about catching rabies from bats due to how serious the disease is. You need to be extremely careful and have everything be perfect to have the bats removed.

When you need to search

When the bats in the house at night, you should close off the room and prevent the bat from roaming the house. Bats sleep during the daytime, therefore, finding it will be a little easier. They wake up during the night and are active, which is when they will be the most dangerous. Consequently, you will be much safer when you close the door where the bat is.

Put on Heavy Clothing

Make sure you wear heavy protective clothing. This is because bats carry rabies, parasites and harmful pathogens. You should protect yourself from bat bites and not leave any part of your skin exposed; wear protective goggles, a surgical mask and thick leather gloves.

You Can Then Start the Search

After putting on the correct attire, begin your search. You should start by searching in areas where the bats hang. Brown bats sleep upside down; therefore, it makes the local bats much easier to find. Ensure that you don’t get into direct contact with the bat in your house.  You can use a towel or a blanket to catch the bat. This protects you from contracting diseases and makes it easier to take the bat outside and release it.

If you don’t see the bat hanging anywhere, you should search for small living spaces that it can crawl into. You can look at various areas like between seat cushions, below the entertainment center, and behind your cabinets. Bats avoids sunlight, so it won’t be somewhere that light is shining through windows and doors. You need to do your searching in darker areas. Also, you need search for it around the floor to check where it has left droppings.

If you cannot find it, or have found it but cannot remove it, then it is recommended you call animal control to send out removal experts. They can properly set up bat traps and get rid of bats once and for all.