How Long Will Bats Live In The House?

How long can bats live in the house?


How Long Do Bats Live In Your House?

It doesn’t matter the size, nature or type, or species of the creature, naturally, every animal will die at some point. No animal can live forever and it is the same way with all bat species; this is a sigh of relief to the attic owner because at some point the bats in the house will eventually kick the bucket.

The million dollar question to the homeowner who has bats inside the house; for how long will the bats live inside your home? This excellent question may look light, but it is somehow perplexing to get a precise answer. The best approach to answer this is by asking the following questions and getting their answers thereon.

How long does a bat live?

On average, brown bats usually live for 1-2 decades. The chances the bat survives to adulthood depends on the availability of food and water as well as the type of the shelter available. If the bats eat and have suitable housing, then these bothersome animals can live up to 20 years inside homes and buildings. This horrible creature has very few natural predators. For instance, most homeowners barely spend time in their houses. This gives bats virtual solitude; it stays in the attic for a very long time without any interruptions.

That is on a light note

Now here is the bitter truth

If it is just a single bat inside the home, then you can be sure that after 15 years, the nuisance will be no more. However, bats live in colonies with the bat populations of one bat colony capable of being in the hundreds to thousands. Naturally, in these living spaces they mate, reproduce and take care of each other. This means these wild animals can live forever in your attic unless you deploy a thorough method of eliminating them. It can’t be said better than this. Safe yourself from attempting trial and error bat exclusion methods. Call a wildlife control company and go with hiring reputable bat removal experts to deal with bats living in your home. The company will also provide a spotless attic cleanup of any and all bat droppings in addition to sealing the bat entry points.