🦇 Do Mothballs Repel Bats?

Do Mothballs Get Rid Of Bats?


Do Mothballs Help Repel Bats?

When you have bats in the attic, you understandably want to do anything to get rid of them. Bats are very horrific as they carry diseases and parasites which make them a serious health risk. You need to make sure there isn’t even a single bat inside your home and that there are no entry points it could use to get in your home.

The Moth Balls Option  

The use of moth balls is one of the effective home remedies many people use to keep moths away from their home. Moth balls are used for keeping moths away from clothes when storing them. The moths like chewing at clothing materiels such as wool and can ruin any clothes you put in the attic. Using moth balls is useful for removing them. The moth ball’s active ingredients are chemicals that effect moths; therefore, the same chemicals could work as a bat repellant and get rid of bats.

When you have a bat infestation in a large area of the attic, if you place a few mothballs in a particular part of your property, the bats will fly away from that place to another spot.  You can try to keep more mothballs all over your attic area to get rid of bats. This will need more mothballs. Bats do not sit on the ground but hang from the ceiling, so using only mothballs might not help with bat removal. Some people will use a spraying bottle filled with ammonia as the chemicals in ammonia help repel bats, but only temporarily.

Consider the better options

If you want to remove the bats, you should not only stick to mothballs or ammonia. This can be costly to the homeowner.  It’s better to consider other remedies to get rid of the bats such as one-way exclusion funnel or calling a professional pest control company and having a bat removal professional for effectively batproofing your home. If you do not want to spend money on the wildlife removal company, you should know that opting for the mothballs to control bats would cost you more in order for it to be effective.