🦇 Are Bat Droppings Toxic To Touch Or Breathe?

Is Bat Guano Harmful To Touch Or Breathe?


Bats carry a high number of parasites and diseases that make them hazardous to your health. Potential health threats from bat bites includes rabies, and there is also the possibility of getting histoplasmosis and other bat diseases from bat guano. Similar to other animals, bats will do what they can to keep themselves and home safe. They will bite any potential predators to eliminate the animals that pose a risk to them. The bat’s bites alone are not fatal to larger animals; so they inject their blood into them when they bite. As a result, some diseases such as rabies can get into the animal’s blood. The rabies disease is harmful, not easily treated, and can also be fatal.

The Dangers Of Bat Guano

Bat guano poses a considerable health risk to humans. This is why it is important for wildlife removal companies to not only get rid of bats but to throughly get rid of bat poop as well. When the bats drop the waste, bacteria, parasites, and viruses are found in the feces also. When someone steps on the feces and urine, you take the risk of harmful pathogens, such as histoplasma capsulatum or parasites, getting into your body. This is the primary cause of parasites getting into people and animals. The parasites, attach to the skin where they burrow away inside for the reproductive process. Falling host to parasites is dangerous as it leads to digestive illness, respiratory issues, heart diseases, and can even lead to death.

It Gets Worse Than That

After bats feces dries, bat diseases become even more airborne and further increase the health risks. Therefore, parasites go along with those dried pathogens also becoming airborne. When you breathe the air, you can inhale these pathogens and be infected with histoplasmosis. If you find bats living in your home, you need to be cautious. Instead of handling the animals yourself, it would be a smarter choice to call a wildlife removal company and have bat removal experts come out and have the bats removed.