How to Get Bats Out Of The Walls?

How Do I Get A Bat Out Of My Wall?


How to Get Bats Out Of The Wall?

Removing bats inside the wall is a complicated process. This is because; little brown bats are small and fly around making it difficult for you to limit the mobility of the bats in your wall. Nevertheless, you’ll aim to get rid of the colony of bats in your wall. Bats are quite noisy and pose a severe health risk.  If you get into contact with any bat guano left in the walls where the bats live, it can lead to you contracting diseases.

How to Get Rid of Bats in the Walls

The most worry for homeowners is how to have bats removed from their walls. With some creativity, it’s possible to get rid of the animals from your house walls. You need to figure out the specific where the bats are living in your wall. This can be overwhelming since bats can be in several areas inside the walls depending on how your house has been built. Most likely, you’ll finding them near entryways into your home,or near a window or door. In the evening, you should be quiet so that you can listen to the noise they make. This will help to identify where the bat colony is. You can hear some flapping and scratching noises from the bat colony that will help determine their location.

Then, You should start identifying the entries and exits the bats are using to get into the wall. For bat exclusion to work, it is required that you determine the bat entry points. When you find one wall cavity, you should continue searching since there can be several primary entries into your home. This is because when you close one entry, they will still be using other entries and exits.  You should close up all and leave only one bat entry point open and set up the bat exclusion device. The bats will be able to fly out but not back in, with the bats outside, you can seal the last hole. Ensure that you utilize the caulk and add steel as this prevents the bats from digging back inside your house.