Will A Mole Infestation Damage A Home’s Foundation?

Picture of mole found in north american soil

Although the creatures appear harmless, they are capable of causing significant damage. The freeze-thaw cycle under foundations, slabs, and sidewalks is aided by moles. Water collects in their tunnels, causing cracks to form.

Worse yet, many of the modern suburban landscape’s features actually attract vermin. Moles love compost piles and mulch mounds, and flower beds, especially those loosened with peat moss, are their highways.

Worms are used in some composting techniques to break down the materials. Moles are earthworm-eating insectivores. Compost piles are a favorite of theirs. In fact, sometimes, people simply feed the moles by adding more earthworms to their compost piles.

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How Do Moles Damage The Foundation Of A Home?

One of the most common problems associated with sinking or failing concrete is soil settlement and shifting. Erosion and drainage issues, for example, are two factors that contribute to shifting soil. Burrowing rodents can also cause soil displacement, and often at much faster rates than natural forces.

In search of a new home or to avoid predators, moles will dig under anything and everything. This includes burrowing beneath concrete slabs and foundations, resulting in the rapid formation and growth of voids that jeopardize the slab’s structural integrity and pose a safety hazard. It takes years for the elements to deteriorate can be accomplished in a few days by a large family of mice or rats.

Burrowing rodents can cause voids in concrete, which can lead to cracking or sinking. These voids are especially dangerous because they often have no visible signs of their presence; a perfectly healthy-looking concrete slab could have a large void beneath it, posing a serious threat to those above.

Can Moles Enter A Home Through The Foundation?

Moles are more likely to stay in the yard and not enter the house, but it’s not impossible. Mole encounters in the home typically occur if your foundation is weak, and the pests will sneak in through a crack. Although moles rarely come into contact with humans, they are known to carry rabies. If there are moles in your yard, your pets may be in danger if they try to catch one or are caught off guard while digging. Moles usually try to avoid humans, but if one does not, it could be sick, so avoid touching it.

How To Avoid Foundation Mole Damage?

If your yard is frequented by moles, it’s a good idea to take preventive measures to protect your home’s foundation from burrowing moles. A wildlife removal & exclusion company such as Animals Happen can come out to your property and do a risk assessment. Wild animal control technicians will identify weak points and advise on what can be done to strengthen those weak points. Vulnerabilities around the home can be filled with rocks or gravel, making it difficult for the moles to dig near the home. If your home has been susceptible to mole damage in the past, contact us to fortify the property.