Bat Urine Removal and Urine Stain Removal

Bat Urine Removal and Urine Stain Removal

Bats can be disgusting and messy. During the day, the bats roost upside down, sleeping and dropping their waste down. Thus they leave piles of guano and urine that need to be cleaned. Having bats inside your attic or any other parts of your home can be insurmountable. They will always leave their waste beneath themselves that is messy and disgusting.

The guano contains fungus which grow and can be dangerous to one’s respiratory system. The bats waste provides a terrible smell and is as well corrosive to certain things such as woods and metal.  Therefore, it can lead damages to your home. Besides, the dropping provides an enticing scent for insect and various small animals to stay away from. This becomes a severe problem for you.

What to Do About This

After getting rid of the bats from your home, you need to start cleaning up the mess. The bats’ urine can soak into the woods and cause corroding of metal thus becoming difficult to remove them. The following steps should be considered to solve the issues.

You need vacuum up the waste found your home. You should do this when you have worn protective gloves, surgical mask and the goggles since the feces of bats can be airborne after drying. This means that the can lead to serious health risk to a person.

To vacuum up is just for starting. If there is insulation, boxes, and materials with urine, you should put away the items since they are not safe to keep around even after washing.

After getting rid of the items, you should look for some form of enzymes based cleaner for scrubbing down the services. In the markets, you can find perfect options that will help to cleanse thoroughly to get rid of the urine.

Allow it to dry and look for specific cleaners which are built for breaking down animal urine. The market offers good brands that will help to remove the urine. Scrubbing down those parts ensures that you have removed all the urine. You should then allow the wood or metal to dry fast before scrubbing again.

These steps will help to solve the issues, through taking all the precautions due to the health risk which can be as a result of the bats to your family.