The Hoosier State Indiana

The Hoosier State Indiana

A Review of The State of Indiana, USA

Indiana FlagFounded in 1816, Indiana is one of the 50 U.S States, which has a rich cultural and historical background. Its also called the Hoosier State.

It is located in the eastern, north-central part of the United States, bordering Michigan State on the north and Kentucky on the southern border.

Among the 12 Midwestern states; it is the smallest with a total area of 36,185 sq. mi, and of this, the land takes up 99.3% of the total area at 35,932 sq. mi while the water occupies the remaining 253 sq. mi.

Some Quick Facts about Indiana State:

  • CAPITAL: Indianapolis
  • MOTTO: The Crossroads of America
  • FLAG: A flaming torch surrounded by 19 Gold stars all set on a blue background.
  • NAME ORIGIN: Means “Land of Indians.”
  • NICKNAME: The Hoosier State
  • POPULATION (as of 2016): 12,830,632
  • BORDERING STATES: Ohio, Michigan, Kentucky, Illinois
  • Bird: Cardinal (1933)
  • Flower: Peony (1957)
  • Tree: Tulip tree (1931)
  • River: Wabash
  • Stone: Limestone
  • Song: Far Away, On the Banks of the Wabash “(1913)

Historical facts

History of Indiana

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The name Indiana means the “Land of the Indians, “this name was coined mainly because the land hosted Native Americans, especially the Indians before becoming a territory.

The first settlers from Europe came to Indiana in the year 1670, and since then, Indiana State has experienced a burst in cultural diversity, especially in the 19th century when experimental communities were introduced by among others, Robert Owen and George Rapp.

The Indiana state became the 19th state to join the United States of America Government on the 11th December 1816, and in the same year, the state’s constitution was put into place. Among the particulars of the document, was an act prohibiting the practice of any form of slavery and free public education?


Though the Indiana state has been struggling of late, it is one of the leading producers in the manufacturing industry and agriculture.

The Indiana wildlife control industry is booming with many companies opening up to help keep up with the growing wildlife removal problems.

It was ranked at 48 out of 50 states and had a GDP of $775,007 million in 2015. The industrial output most relevant in revenue generation to the state, include electrical equipment, food processing, chemical products, fabricated metal products, publishing, transportation equipment, machinery, petroleum, and coal.