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Naperville Raccoon Control

Naperville Raccoon Control

Chicago raccoon control

Raccoon feces accumulation such as this usually mean big trouble for a home owner.

Have raccoons in an attic? Well your not alone as getting raccoons out of an attic is the main need this time of year and with good reason. Baby season! Baby raccoons will be popping up in just a few weeks causing a huge rise in Naperville raccoon control. Raccoons that have broken into your attic usually cause damage by allowing water to enter, typically the cause of mold and water damage. While inside they destroy attic insulation which can cause a noticeable increase in energy bills. Our Naperville raccoon trapping services get rid of raccoons as well as raccoon babies which usually must be found and hand removed from the attic insulation. We also perform professional Naperville raccoon control for chimneys which is the 2nd most used spot by mother raccoons looking for a safe spot to have her babies. The feces and urine brought into the chimney is very hazardous to inhale and should be sealed off until raccoon control can be performed followed by a disinfectant treatment. With raccoon damage to a home such as roofing damage and insulation restoration we work directly with homeowners insurance after the Naperville raccoon control process so you can be worry free while your home is temporarily broken. If you have any questions regarding Naperville raccoon control and would like a phone consultation please free to call us today. We are also recommended by many professional agencies for Naperville raccoon control and removal and have an A+ rating by the Better Business Bureau.

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