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The Critter Squad are a fully licensed and insured nuisance wildlife control company in Louetta TX and we specialize in resolving all types of conflicts with wildlife using the latest and most humane methods available. Our specialty is humanely removing wildlife from residential and commercial locations including, not only the removal of the animal(s) but also repairing the damage they may have caused. We wildlife proof the structure so the animals do not return in the future, full attic clean out, restorations and much more. Regardless of the issue in Louetta Texas, The Critter Squad can solve it! All of our work is 100% backed with a written GUARANTEE.

The Critter Squad are your local Louetta animal removal specialists in humanely removing animals and wildlife from your home and property. PERMANENTLY! The Critter Squad guarantees that once the offending animal is removed, they will not be able to return due to our exclusion process that eliminates access back into your home. We do not use poison or killing traps, thus eliminating the possibility of injuring your domestic pets. We currently serve Houston and the surrounding areas and are experts in removing animals from attics, chimneys, yards and buildings. We are licensed and have more experience than your backyard animal trapper. When Animal Happen in Texas, we got your back!

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Louetta TX Bat Removal and Control

Bat Removal – Raccoons inside roof - Inside the roof, you say? Like in the ceiling or attic? The above repairs and cleanup are often covered by homeowner's insurance. I set the trap against at least one wall and put a heavy divider, such as a concrete block or wooden plank on the other side so that the mother does not try to reach through the trap from the outside first and trigger it. Professional bat control services in Louetta, TX to get rid of bats from attics. A variety of materials work well, from plastic or metal screening, to caulk, to high density polyurethane, depending on the situation. So many important and subtle nuances go into successful trapping.

A raccoon is in my attic does insurance pay for the damage - it might depend on the carrier and the negotiating ability of you or the company that cleans the attic. I personally don't know a whole lot about this issue, because my attic cleanups never cost enough to justify insurance coverage. I know some companies try to rip off the insurance company for ten thousand dollars or more - that's their business model. Bat exclusion services in Louetta Texas are always guaranteed. Home remedies work about as well as commercialized spray and powder repellents work when it comes to getting rid of raccoons or keeping them away from your property. The Big Brown Bat (Eptesicus fuscus) is also common in the northern areas. Getting a raccoon out of your garage - Getting a raccoon out of the garage is no easy task. Read the top of this page.

Raccoons are also often active in the daytime, especially ones living in an attic (see below), so it's very common for people with a raccoon in the attic to actually see the animal, as it climbs up the downspout and onto the roof, or sniffs through the garbage can. It can also be found in parts of Canada, Mexico and the northern-most regions of South America. After the bats are removed, it is best to clean up any guano or urine to prevent spread of disease. Very similar to the Mexican free-tail, the Little Brown Bat is also nocturnal, hibernates and feeds on large amounts of insects. The best way to target your raccoon is to use the young pups as live bait.

Louetta TX Roof Rat Removal and Extermination

Rat Removal – In 1780, Gottlieb Congrad Christian Storr created a separate genus for the species, Procyon, meaning doglike. Lock your doggie-doors. It was previously believed bats migrated to caves or mines for hibernation, but we now know many will hibernate inside homes and buildings. We know how to get rid of roof rats from attics. For tips to do it yourself for FREE, read my how to get rid of raccoons page. This will only escalate the situation and can cause more problems.

It has to be smelled to be believed. Where are raccoons getting into my house - Perform a full inspection of your house, and you will likely find a hole or two - where soffits meet roof is a great place to start your search. Roof rat extermination and rat exclusion from home is what we do best to make your home rat proof. Call or e-mail for a current inspection fee for your structure (please include city & state so we can figure distance to site) They are a waste of money and people shouldn’t try these as an option. The bats may fall through a damaged ceiling and a child accidently come into contact with one, unknowingly becoming infected with the deadly disease.

This unit is great for working on long outside walls or other projects such as installing bird netting in loading docks, parking garages, or other canopy-type structures. When able, a raccoon will examine objects in water. They are also host to a number of parasites, such as lice and fleas. The main method for raccoon removal is a one-way door. We also inspect the attic or other possible internal roost areas if possible. In fact, when I do trap, it's often with cages bolted to the roof, in order to get the target animal.

Louetta TX Skunk Removal and Exclusion

Skunk Removal – Of course, you can try any and all of the suggestions you get, but it is my educated opinion that you will just lose time and energy by doing so. I've seen them climb easy areas on homes, such as downspouts and screened porches, but also harder areas, such as wood trim, brick walls, or even the smooth corner of houses. Over time they moved north up the continent, successfully adapting to new territories and expanding their diet. Professional skunk exclusion and proofing services to keep skunks out of your yard. They don’t really nest which means they will not tear at insulation, shred wires or chew through wood and pipe.

Once people find that repellents aren’t going to work for their bat problem they will often turn to trying to use poison. Diet: The raccoon is an omnivorous and opportunistic eater, with its diet determined heavily by its environment. Skunk removal from window wells and dead skunk removal. It's very rare that one just flies in. It is now time to set the trap.

The insulation is usually compromised, often severely. They can also carry fleas, ticks, lice, mites, and more that can spread through the home. The females form huge clusters, very frequently in man-made architecture such as church towers, attics, bridges, etc. However, If correctly handled, the pups will not suffer, and you won’t be harmed. What to do when a raccoon is in the walls - Same as above, I say call one of my pros. This job may involve cutting a hole in the wall and extracting raccoons.

Louetta TX Raccoon Removal and Trapping

Raccoon Removal – They are also host to a number of parasites, such as lice and fleas. It's a big problem. For climbing down a tree headfirst—an unusual ability for a mammal of its size—a raccoon rotates its hind feet so they are pointing backwards. Humane live trapping of raccoons and raccoon baby removal services. Raccoons in the Attic: PLEASE do not try to trap and remove if you have raccoons in the attic.

Once it dries it can release toxic fungal spores into the air. Read about the bat exclusion process. Raccoon damage repairs and attic restoration services in Louetta TX. It takes trained technicians to identify these hidden dens and remove them using humane, hands-on techniques. You may also see issues when outside around dusk or dawn.

If you have raccoons in your attic, the total cost will probably run between $350 - $500 to remove all the raccoons (plus young) and seal the entry holes shut. If you have raccoons in your attic, the total cost will probably run between $350 - $500 to remove all the raccoons (plus young) and seal the entry holes shut. Raccoon disease - While the animals themselves, and your pets, can get canine distemper, the big concern is rabies. Rabies is the most serious raccoon disease. A variety of materials work well, from plastic or metal screening, to caulk, to high density polyurethane, depending on the situation. We offer up to a 3-year warranty on our exclusions (depending on structure condition) if we bat-proof the structure. Both Little Browns and Big Browns often emit a chattering sound as they get ready to exit their roosting areas at sunset to begin feeding.

Louetta TX Squirrel Removal and Control

Squirrel Removal – The good news is that you can get raccoons out of your attic, prevent them from coming back and find your peace of mind again. An attic is sort of like a cave - but even better, because it's protected from predators, and high off the ground, making entry and exit easy. Raccoons in crawl spaces of house - A common area for the crafty raccoon to reside. It chooses the crawl space for safety. Humane squirrel control procedures to get squirrels out of your attic. Raccoons will use just about any space they can access for shelter inside or outside a home.

Their echolocation system enables them to locate a tiny insect flying in total darkness. Many people and wildlife removal companies ignore such laws, because they don't want to kill wildlife, just like many people ignore wildlife regulations out of ignorance or lack of concern for laws. Squirrel damage repairs and exclusion services to keep nuisance squirrels out for good. Though previously thought to be quite solitary, there is now evidence that the species congregates in gender-specific groups. They usually roost in tight, hot areas in the structure. Raccoon on roof - The misspelled version of racoon - yes, they get on top of the roof, and yes I discuss it above.

Due to the scope of the task and the associated health risks, hiring a reliable and credited wildlife professional like (your company name) is a safe way to go about the problem. After the bats have left, the holes can be sealed. Click here for more photos of raccoon entry points. Attic animal removal - That's what I do best! So do the professionals on my directory list. Most of the noise might happen shortly after dusk, when the animal leaves the attic, and again sometime in the night when it returns.

Louetta TX Armadillo Removal and Trapping

Armadillo Removal – Of course, you can try any and all of the suggestions you get, but it is my educated opinion that you will just lose time and energy by doing so. When they can they will choose hollow trees, caves and similar areas for shelters. Won't They Just Leave on Their Own? It depends on the situation of course, but the answer is generally no. Professional armadillo trapping services. Do you look for babies? 2.

These bats are small, with a wingspan of 8 inches, and a weight of less than half an ounce. I see too many cases of mother raccoon removal, and then orphaned and suffering babies. Sometimes the bats that enter the home are young ones trying to find their way outside for the first time. Armadillo exclusion services to make your property armadillo proof. They can enter the attic in a variety of places.

And poison won't solve the root of the problem, as I'll discuss below. If you only remove the mother, the pups will be left behind, and they will starve to death. Alas, for a variety of important reasons, no repellents work. The bat exclusion process requires several steps. By now you know how to get raccoons out of your attic.

Louetta TX Bird Removal and Bird Control

Bird Control – Can I just use some sort of repellent product to get bats out of the attic? Like a powder or spray? What about a natural home remedy? Will a bright light or noises work? How about those high-pitch sound machines? And I wear thick gloves, particularly when handling wildlife, even baby raccoons, which are usually gentle, but can bite and claw. The holes and gaps are usually tiny, about a half-inch (yes, a half-inch), and very easy to miss. Bird nest removal services in Texas. Because they are nocturnal, their activity can typically be heard at night. More often, the waste is scattered prolifically throughout the attic.

Bats are very important for the environment because they eat a lot of insects. Bird droppings clean up and sanitizing.  How Did They Get In? Raccoons are excellent climbers, they are very strong, and they have very nimble hands. If you hear noise and rustle in your attic at night for sure you having deal with uninvited guests, such as raccoons. Paw Hold Traps: These types of traps are also only really used by trappers, often fur trappers, some of whom perform nuisance wildlife removal services.

Among many biological differences is the fact their teeth don’t continuously grow unless worn down. Animals that live in houses also sometimes die in houses, and the odor of a dead raccoon is incredible. And when the raccoon becomes pregnant again and has a new litter after the 2-month gestation, it wants to go back in the same attic again. By adding a splash of ammonia to your trash cans, you will discourage the raccoons from scavenging for food that you have disposed in the trash cans. How to Kill a Bat Exclusion is the more humane method and the only effective method of removing bats from your home.

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