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The Critter Squad are a fully licensed and insured nuisance wildlife control company in Freeport TX and we specialize in resolving all types of conflicts with wildlife using the latest and most humane methods available. Our specialty is humanely removing wildlife from residential and commercial locations including, not only the removal of the animal(s) but also repairing the damage they may have caused. We wildlife proof the structure so the animals do not return in the future, full attic clean out, restorations and much more. Regardless of the issue in Freeport Texas, The Critter Squad can solve it! All of our work is 100% backed with a written GUARANTEE.

The Critter Squad are your local Freeport animal removal specialists in humanely removing animals and wildlife from your home and property. PERMANENTLY! The Critter Squad guarantees that once the offending animal is removed, they will not be able to return due to our exclusion process that eliminates access back into your home. We do not use poison or killing traps, thus eliminating the possibility of injuring your domestic pets. We currently serve Houston and the surrounding areas and are experts in removing animals from attics, chimneys, yards and buildings. We are licensed and have more experience than your backyard animal trapper. When Animal Happen in Texas, we got your back!

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Freeport TX Bat Removal and Control

Bat Removal – We offer up to a 3-year warranty on our exclusions (depending on structure condition) if we bat-proof the structure. The only way to ensure they are permanently excluded is to use humane removal techniques and to install professional raccoon proofing. This unit is great for working on long outside walls or other projects such as installing bird netting in loading docks, parking garages, or other canopy-type structures. Professional bat control services in Freeport, TX to get rid of bats from attics. Can I trap the bats in some sort of bat trap? For this reason an attic, garage or barn can be an ideal space for them.

These tactics have been ruled fraudulent by the FTC, and they DO NOT WORK. Bat exclusion services in Freeport Texas are always guaranteed. We provide a detailed warranty info sheet for all exclusion programs. Step only on the wooden beams to avoid falling through the ceiling, and wear protective clothing. Live Cage Trap: This is by far the most common type of trap used by wildlife control companies and do-it-yourself homeowners.

Do you look for babies? 2. Bat exclusion measures should not be performed from mid-May through early-August, as there may be young bats in the colony that are still unable to fly. What Types Of Accidents Can Occur With Trapping? I've seen it all. Common foods include fruits, plants, nuts, berries, insects, rodents, frogs, eggs, and crayfish. Some states don't allow for the relocation of rabies vector species.

Freeport TX Roof Rat Removal and Extermination

Rat Removal – In fact, most animal repellents sold are made from either mothballs or coyote urine. Chimneys are a different architecture than an attic, of course. Bat-proofing requires any holes or cracks over ¼ inch to be repaired, sealed, caulked, screened, or otherwise eliminated. We know how to get rid of roof rats from attics. I'll quickly discuss the various types of traps, but before I do, I must point out the single most important thing to keep in mind regarding raccoons in the attic, and the reason a raccoon in the attic is not such a simple matter. They reach maturity at about eight months when they can start mating and raising their own young.

The kits stay in the den with their mother until they are between 8-10 weeks old, and will stay with their mother until they reach 13-14 months of age. Fur and feces can be found at entry points accompanied by an unpleasant odour. Roof rat extermination and rat exclusion from home is what we do best to make your home rat proof. The raccoon just won’t care. I then bring them to a wildlife rehabber who will feed and raise them and relocate them to the wild when they are large enough to fend for themselves. Accumulations of their droppings (guano) can cause odor and bug problems, which is the primary reason bats should be excluded from a structure occupied by people.

They have tiny little teeth, but are still able to inflict a bite to human skin. Most of the bait should be set in the very back of the trap behind the trip pan. I've been to dozens of houses using all kinds of raccoon bait, and it didn't matter, the correct animals were not caught, due to other reasons than just bait. If there's a raccoon family, consisting of a female and a litter of baby raccoons, you will very often hear the very distinct and unique crying and whining of the babies, surefire evidence of raccoon presence. We do not play those mind games, but simply utilize the best system of exclusion and bat-proofing. Bats do not attack people, and a fear of bats is caused by a lack of education about them.

Freeport TX Skunk Removal and Exclusion

Skunk Removal – Although captive raccoons have been known to live over 20 years, their life expectancy in the wild is only 1. Read About Colonizing Bats species info. In this group females give birth to one pup and take care of it until it can fly and fend for itself which takes several months. Professional skunk exclusion and proofing services to keep skunks out of your yard. This can involve vacuuming of droppings, insulation replacement, and fogging the attic with enzyme cleaner.

It's a very challenging scenario, but one that I have solved dozens of times. Trapping: Trapping is always an option for wildlife removal. Skunk removal from window wells and dead skunk removal. So please, if you have raccoons in the attic, do address the problem, but do it correctly. Mating season for raccoons falls generally anytime between January and June.

How do raccoons get in the attic - They enter the attic via a variety of areas, from vents to gaps under the house, but the most common access point is at the roof, particularly the eaves. You'd be amazed at the holes you see at night that escape you by day, and the bat behaviors you see that ensure 100% success. Or, you an just watch the house at dusk and see where they are coming out. These can include large populations of disease carrying mosquitoes, beetles, gnats, moths and flies. This ensures that the weak-points, entry-points, potential entry-points and main entry-points are protected by galvanized steel mesh, a material strong enough to prevent raccoons from chewing through.

Freeport TX Raccoon Removal and Trapping

Raccoon Removal – Not only do the droppings and urine corrode wood/metal, but the weight of them can collapse the ceiling below the attic - I've seen if a few times. They usually crawl down walls and wedge into gaps behind wood beams, fascia boards, etc. Prior to this, the adults return each morning and feed the young. Humane live trapping of raccoons and raccoon baby removal services. Remember, it is my goal to be as humane as possible to these remarkable and cute creatures.

It's a large critter, and it doesn't exactly hide its presence with swift and silent movements, like a rat. How do I clean up the bat guano in my attic? Raccoon damage repairs and attic restoration services in Freeport TX. That's because I consider poison the worst possible approach to animal control. They sleep in roosts during the daytime, and emerge at dusk.

Poisoning these bats can fill your attic with dead bodies that will decompose and can expose you to disease and fill your house with stench. While it is considered a nuisance by some, others find it quite cute. Do bats carry rabies and transmit them to humans? Because bats have such a high metabolism and eat so many bugs they pass a lot of waste. Below, Havahart provides step-by-step instructions to help you get rid of raccoons, as well as other useful trapping and repelling information. On many structures it is possible to locate the access point(s) by performing a detailed inspection of the outer structure.

Freeport TX Squirrel Removal and Control

Squirrel Removal – In addition to being important for the environment, bats only have one baby a year and it takes several months before this pup can fly about and be fully mobile. Now your attic is totally clean and safe to be in. The species has grayish brown fur, almost 90% of which is dense underfur to insulate the animal against the cold. Humane squirrel control procedures to get squirrels out of your attic. Secure your garbage can and strap the lid down with bungee cords.

The most common noise deterrents are regular radios and ultrasonic high-pitch sound emitting devices. Check the regulations posted by your state's department of wildlife (or fish & game) and you will see that it is illegal to do so if you are not a licensed wildlife control professional. Squirrel damage repairs and exclusion services to keep nuisance squirrels out for good. In urban environments, the animal often sifts through garbage for food. In fact, some species eat up to half their body weight in insects daily and nursing mothers will eat even more than that. Mating season for raccoons falls generally anytime between January and June.

The piles of urine and feces can contaminate insulation, rot wood and ruin ceilings. It requires much expertise. A cage trap needs to be large enough to hold the raccoon, and most raccoon-size cage traps are at least 32 inches long and 12 inches high and wide. I've never seen them work, but that's also perhaps because in the cases they do, I'm not called out. Male raccoon scent - This scent is sometimes used to scare and chase away a nursing mother female coon.

Freeport TX Armadillo Removal and Trapping

Armadillo Removal – Now your attic is totally clean and safe to be in. If you are careful everything will be fine. This can obviously become quite labor intensive on some structures. Professional armadillo trapping services. However, a female raccoon with young in the nest is a much more challenging situation since she is not likely to be repelled from her nest and abandon her babies by simply using a repellent.

Animals that live in houses also sometimes die in houses, and the odor of a dead raccoon is incredible. They fly out at dusk, and fly back at dawn. Untreated histoplasmosis can cause the lung infection to spread to organs like the liver and spleen. Armadillo exclusion services to make your property armadillo proof. You can also try raccoon prevention techniques instead of strict removal, but in many cases, getting them out of the area completely is the only way to go.

Each bat can poop 20 pellets per day, and if you multiply that number times hundreds of bats over a couple of years, you get an attic full of bat guano! It smells bad, it corrodes wood and drywall, and it can grow mold. They will remain here until their mother picks them and relocates them to a new den one-by-one. But it is not an easy task, especially if you are not experienced. Your first target is the litter. The Little Browns only weigh about 3 to 4/10ths of an ounce, and are only 3 to 3.

Freeport TX Bird Removal and Bird Control

Bird Control – Non-lethal traps may be necessary to prevent raccoons using the attic or other part of the house as a nest site. Unlike the insulation, these cannot be easily replaced. For more information read my raccoon trapping guide. Bird nest removal services in Texas. They then feast on flying insects, primarily moths and beetles. Stop worrying about your health and your home and call us today.

Raccoon disease - While the animals themselves, and your pets, can get canine distemper, the big concern is rabies. Rabies is the most serious raccoon disease. Bird droppings clean up and sanitizing.  They have no problem with attacking dogs in order to defend themselves, so the dog hair smell isn’t such a big red warning sign for them. Raccoons are great swimmers as well and they oftentimes look for food in the water. Raccoons invade your yard or home in search of food.

I have found scratch marks from bats (in the dust) inside furnace and air conditioning ductwork in a home and also an apartment complex, and both sites had experienced bats "appearing" from the register vents in mid-winter. In these cases you should treat the removal in much the same way as if they were in your attic. The kits stay in the den with their mother until they are between 8-10 weeks old, and will stay with their mother until they reach 13-14 months of age. A properly licensed trapper, who knows wildlife and has experience, is vaccinated against rabies, and who can do it safely and legally, is the best option. Can I lure the bats out of my attic with a bat house? How do I build a bat house?

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