How Are Birds Ending Up In Your Vents?

Vents are enticing sites for birds to build nests. Vents are off the ground, free from predators, and sealed for protection from the weather.

But vents do come with their own collection of hazards for young birds, who often fall into the vent exhaust pipe, where they’re unable to get out. Even mature birds with full flight capabilities fall victim to the same scenario.

Birds are drawn to the warmth of the vents, and that is why they are commonly found in dryer vents and kitchen exhaust vents. The heat of these vents are a fire hazard when birds decide to nest in these places. These areas also are dangerous because humidity and steam can spread disease, including histoplasmosis, which is found in bird fecal matter.

What to Listen For 

Birds in vents is a very common issue. Birds will start attempting to get into vents normally in the later part of March. They will attempt to get into any opening in the house, some of the more common holes that you will find birds in are kitchen vents, and bathroom vents. They also can be found in dryer vents and lower vents used to expel gas furnaces and other appliances. One of several things that customers tell us is they hear scratching in their vents of their home, they may or may not be hearing scratching. Birds have very long claws, and they use these claws for grasping tree limbs and other items during their day to day tasks. When a bird walks through the metal vent pipes it really sounds as if they are scratching.