Wildlife Removal

Wildlife Removal

Wildlife is wonderful and beautiful to view, but it can become too close for comfort when a wild animal gets into your home or onto your property. If you have an unwelcome animal it is usually best to call a professional wildlife removal company. The first step is to determine the type of animal and where it is living. You may already have seen the animal or you may have simply seen damage that it caused.

There are many different kinds of animals that might be causing problems in or around your home. Some animals cause damage to the structure while others are simply nuisances. Some of wildlife that are cause for  concern include armadillos, rats, bats, moles, opossums, squirrels, raccoons and skunks. Whether dead or alive, these animals require professional wildlife removal.

Safe and Effective Wildlife Removal

The goal of a wildlife removal expert is to safely remove the animal and relocate it to another place. In most cases we try to remove live animals. The method for removal depends on the type of animal you have. Some animals can be successfully trapped so they can be moved away from the home.

Some animals like to live under porches and decks or in attics. They may cause harm to your home and they might also be dangerous to you and your children. When an animal takes up residence in your home it can cause serious concerns for your safety and well-being.

A removal expert will inspect the premises to find where the animal is living. Sometimes a female may have given birth to babies. They commonly find a place to hide where they are safe from predators. Mother animals can be fiercely protective of their little ones and it can be hazardous for you to try to remove them on your own.  

After Removal

Once the animal is removed you will feel much safer and more secure in your home. However, unless you address the problem it could happen again. An expert will help determine how the animal entered your home so it can be properly secured. Sometimes wood on your home needs to be replaced, such as when a squirrel chews its way into your attic. Other times there are cracks in the foundation that have to be properly sealed to keep animals from gaining entry.

In addition to making the necessary repairs to your home, you must also make sure that any dirt that the animal created is cleaned up. The animal may have left droppings or might have urinated and this area should be cleaned and disinfected. Cleaning up the animal droppings also removes the scent and makes it less likely that an animal will find its way back into the area.

If you have a wild animal living in or near your home it is best not to try to remove it on your own. You don’t want to take any chances of being bitten or hurt. Keep your children and pets away from the area until a specialist arrives. Contact the experienced team at Animals Happen to get rid of your unwanted wildlife.

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Wildlife Removal