Bat Removal

Bat Removal

Bats are small mammals that are helpful in keeping the mosquito population down. But if one gets into your home it can be extremely terrifying. Bats generally stay away from people but if one gets cornered in your home it could become dangerous. Bats have been known to carry rabies and even a tiny bite could cause humans serious injuries. If you have one in your home the best option is to call a bat removal company.

What to Do About Bats

 If you find a bat in your home there are a few things that you need to know. Bats are most active at night so you may not see it until the evening. It may fly wildly around the room and could even hang off your curtains before taking off again. Do not panic but do not try to touch a bat with your bare hands. Take your children and pets out of the room and try to contain the bat by closing the door.

Open the windows and door to allow the bat to escape on its own. However, bats can become disoriented and afraid so it may just fly around for quite some time. Bats will typically fly lower in the middle of the room and higher at the sides so stay close to the walls. Do not try to hit the bat with anything. Try to watch to see if the bat leaves your home on its own. You may not even know whether the bat is still in your home. Remain calm and call a professional bat removal service.

Bat Removal Services

Bat removal is best accomplished by a professional. A team of qualified animal specialists will remove the animal without harming it. Then, the expert will need to find out how the bat gained entry to your home. Sometimes a bat that gets into your home is a one-time occurrence and simply a single incident. However, a bat inside your home could be a sign that there is a colony of bats living in your home.

Bats can fit through very small spaces. The expert will examine your attic, chimney or other areas to see if there are signs of bats such as bat droppings. A colony of bats could number into the hundreds. There are several signs you may notice if there are bats living inside your home. There may be a foul smell due to bat droppings and urine. You might hear a fluttering noise when bats move their wings while they sleep. You could also notice bat activity outside near your home.

Any bats that are located will be removed. Then, the source of entry has to be found. Any small cracks or openings must be secured so that bats cannot get back inside. If your home was damaged by bats you may need to replace some wood and clean and disinfect the area where the bats lived. If you have a bat in your home or think you might have a colony, contact Animals Happen for expert wildlife removal services.

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Bat Removal