Hitting The Ground Running For 2018

Ranking reports such as the graph above will be provided for keyword rank tracking

Who, What, and Why…

With some industry changing WCO services coming in 2018, I am looking to partner with select people/ companies to be included into my extremely powerful content curation and syndication networks. When set up correctly, this alone is literally powerful enough to take the place of hiring an SEO company as trust, authority and relevance will be supercharged. I am offering these services for only the cost of honest testimonials and will also be offering limited consulting to ensure that your website is set up correctly to receive the max benefit of these tactics. If you are looking to truly hit the ground running in 2018, take a look at the details below for what is being offered.

If you do not qualify for either service, PM me and for Christmas I will create an authority syndication feed with local and niche relevant authority on the house

Service #1

Blog Curation (2-4 posts monthly) Taking in 20 Companies MAX for this

Blogging With A Purpose – Many are told to blog and rightfully there is sound reason if and when done correctly. Currently, I do not even see marketing or the majority of “SEO companies” doing this correctly. However if you do not know how to blog properly or why you are doing it, you are wasting time and content. Without giving away proprietary tactics, blog posts are monumental in establishing niche & location relevance when created as supporting topical information. Many do not know that when done strategically, blog post links can have the same power as a backlink from another website. Furthermore, when the blog feed is powered up through authority RSS syndication, the power and authority start to grow on auto pilot.

For this I will need 1 target area that has a population of 150,000 or less. (Anything higher would have to be a service that I charge for)

RSS Authority (5 High Authority Co-Citation Feeds)

Did you know trust and authority are what build brand prominence? Google has made a clear shift to rewarding and ranking prominent brands as part of their algorithm to promote validated entities. How do you do this? By showing up alongside those that are authoritative and relevant to your industry on prominent websites. Say for instance you have a high competition area like Miami and you want to rank for bat removal. If Google sees a high authority website syndicating high authority, niche specific sites relevant to Miami and bats, and your site and brand is mentioned among them, you will actually siphon authority from these sites. This is called authority sniping or co-citation authority hijacking. Instead of guilty by association, you will be become authoritative by association. To add to that, the authority website that we use to syndicate is thoroughly aged with powerful backlinks from sites like Wikipedia, Wall Street Journal, Harvard University and more powering it up, so your website’s trust in Google’s eyes goes through the roof with this synergistic effect. Aside from just your website, running your backlinks, citations and social profiles through this game over for anyone competing with you by traditional SEO methods.

Example Feed Boosting Blog Posts with Co-Citation Authority Being Siphoned From Automobile Magazine, I-CAR, and Motor Trend Magazine – http://news-round.com/news/feed/8656597321-auto-moto-news-get-the-latest-on-cars-trucks.html

When these two strategies are combined, the need for backlinking diminishes severely as long as you have quality content on site, set up with the correct structuring and schema data. This is literally a hands free, done for you ranking service. As seen below, these URL’s being tracked made huge jumps in less than 30 days.

Some Results…

For your business to qualify for the blogging & syndication service

  • You must have a verified GMB

  • You must not have a rating below 4 stars in Google or Facebook

  • You must have Facebook Page with 100+ Followers

  • You must have a site metrics that meet the criteria

  • You can not have a current “SEO company” working on your site (I do not need my tactics trying to be reverse engineered by low level SEO’s, my testing, resources and knowledge is well beyond what you will find in ANY SEO company)

Service #2

Review Marketing & Reputation Management Suite Taking in 5 max for this

Reviews are a large ranking factor of ranking in Google’s map pack and also, a huge conversion factor. (Converting prospecting people into buying customers) You may or may not know that engagement is a ranking factor. For instance, if someone searches “raccoon removal” and clicks your company reads a bit and then hits the back button. That sends a signal to the ranking algorithm that your map result or website is NOT relevant to that search term. Now simply asking for reviews is a request easily forgotten by the customer as you probably already know and paying or discounting services for a review can get expensive especially if you aren’t marketing these reviews. Even worse if they don’t regularly use Google or YELP and leave a review, it can get filtered and be useless. This platform manages unhappy customers, has a client funnel for promoting review giving, auto markets reviews with beautiful customized images and text, has emailing/ SMS text capabilities and creates graphics is fliers or cards are ever needed for booths, events or trade shows. (This platform is what Bird Eye uses to run their service) Once these reviews have been published it’s a great time to edit the post and add in links to blog posts to add social signals coming into your website.

Customizable social media graphics that will post to your accounts on auto pilot!

For your business to qualify for the review and reputation service

  • You must have a verified GMB

  • You must not have a rating below 4 stars in Google, Yelp or Facebook (I do not help poor quality service providers)

  • You must collectively have 20+ reviews from around the web (Google, Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo, Yellow Pages, Bing etc.)