Yellow Jacket RemovalYellow Jackets got their name from the color of their body which is yellow and black. They measure between 10-16 mm in length. Some yellow jackets exhibit black and yellow coloration. They are almost similar to the bee except for their thinner and defined waist. Actually these insects can be mistaken for bees although yellow jackets have the same amount of hair, expanded hind leg and rounded abdomen. Yellow jackets are aggressive while defending their colonies. They are not quick to sting though. However, the sting of a yellow jacket is quite painful and each insect can deliver multiple stings. Their stingers are lance like and have small barbs. The sting of a yellow jacket can induce acute allergic reactions in certain people. Yellow jackets are predators of many harmful insects. Extermination of yellow jackets should be done when they pose a stinging effect to pets or people. Controlling them should start by thorough inspection and proper identification by a pest management professional like us. This is quite important due to the fact that the insects normally build their nests in hidden places, protected locations or below the ground. Once we locate the nest, we eliminate them within their nest using the most effective methods and control products.

Basically, we use diverse treatment products which consist of aerosol products and a wide range of insecticide dust administered accordingly. Application methods and the specified products we use depend on where the nest is located, whether below or above the ground. For nests located below the ground, we will most likely use is insecticide dust. However this will be subject to what our experts discover after visiting your property and finding out where the yellow jackets are located. We apply the dust to the part of the nest that is below the ground and at the entrance of the nest. At daytime there are usually numerous yellow jackets outside the nest hunting for a prey, we usually leave the nest entrance open for returning members to come into contact with the dust and die. For aerial nests, our experts use aerosol or the dust. This is done after dark when all the nest members are home. The nest is removed once it is inactive.

For nests built in cavities or cracks, in the interior of a building, we leave the entrance open until all the yellow jackets living in that nest are all dead. Members of the nest will not die if we seal the entrance. Instead they will all escape through the void inside the structure.


We strive to give your quality services to exterminate the yellow jacket. Unlike many other companies, we service as many accounts as possible every day. To provide you with an environment free of any yellow jacket, we service and inspect all necessary areas both in your house and yard. Our high quality products are environment friendly and result oriented. We always strive to tailor programs that fit your budget and needs. Below are the list of services we offer in private residences:

  • Quarterly control services
  • One time control services
  • Exterior only control services
  • Power dusting for attics
  • Monthly control services

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