Wildlife Control in Downers Grove

Downers Grove Wildlife ControlAre you tired of hearing noises in your attic and are ready to make them stop? We get rid of wildlife in Downers Grove that has been creating a problem in and around your home. We are a full service Downers Grove wildlife removal company which means we provide full humane trapping services, wildlife clean up from feces and damages, wild animal damage repair, odor control, urine removal from stained drywall, attic restoration services, animal proofing of vents, attic fans and vulnerable areas, dead animal removal, chimney caps, bird removal from fireplaces as well as baby raccoon removal, home inspections for rodent entry points, rodent exclusion work, bat removal and bat proofing and much more.

Wildlife Removal from Chimneys

Downers Grove animal removal from chimney

You never know what can be behind those doors with an open chimney.

Chimney areas are a huge cause of wildlife issues as they are attracted to the hollow void as they are naturally attracted to the hollow void of a tree. When a chimney is not capped the animal either finds safety in the flue area above the fireplace or they fall down and are stuck needed help to escape. We provide full removal services for animals that have become trapped in your chimney which are usually baby raccoons, squirrels and birds. After the wildlife removal is done we provide chimney cap installation.

Wildlife Removal From Under Stoops

Downers Grove animal proofing

Once filled in with dirt the steel is hardly visible, with mulch it is completely out of sight.

Front stoops are also a place that attracts almost all types of wildlife and if your home is not build properly this can spell big trouble. Raccoons, skunks, opossums and chipmunks love to den under stoops as the dirt underneath naturally creates a void that keeps them from view and out of the elements. Removal of wildlife from under front concrete stoops is a must to prevent further problems such as a dead animal needing removal, a skunk spraying, animals finding a void into the home (which happens frequently) and brick work collapsing from excavated soil. After wildlife removal is complete we provide beautiful solutions for animal proofing concrete stoops with custom cut steel grate.

If you are in need of animal removal in Downers Grove for wildlife control problems in your chimney, wildlife removal under your stoop or any other areas give us a call today!