wasp removalMud wasps and Paper wasps both found in the Pacific Northwest are closely related to each other. They both acquire their names from materials they use to construct their nests. Both types of wasps start building their nests during the spring season which makes them very active throughout that whole season till summer. Mud and Paper wasps build their nests around your home and in attic areas. These pests are not typically aggressive but they are always ready to defend their nest when provoked. Sand wasps are similar to the yellow jackets in appearance but they band more uniformly. Their colors range from pale yellow, black and white. However Sand wasps do not construct defined nests like the yellow jackets. They usually burrow in sandy soil in large numbers. Volleyball courts, sand boxes and golf course bunkers often sustain hundreds of Sand wasps. They are also attracted to gardens with sandy soil. The aggressiveness of all kinds of wasps while defending their habitat coupled with the fact that they attack in large numbers are quite a danger to any human. They are capable of property damage and personal injury. Our pest control services can best identify the required measures to solve your wasp problems. Our wasp experts will visit your home and accurately identify the type of wasps and decide the proper measures to take. Their decision is dependent on the type of wasp they identify.

Wasps can be eradicated in an ecologically safe manner that is pet and kid friendly. Our pest control technicians are quite experienced in keeping wasps out of your home on a perpetual basis. Basically, we discuss and formulate a plan to rid your premises of these unwelcome visitors. Since insects have varying hatch cycles and life cycles, our integrated pest control or green approach solutions study the type of wasp and its life and hatch cycle. Generally wasps are impossible for a homeowner to manage therefore we offer commercial and residential pest control services which cater for all kinds of pests including wasps. These services treat your concerns inside and out.

We provide one time treatments, on call services or quarterly services. Our one time treatments are guaranteed to address your wasp issues and ensure they do not return. We care about your family’s safety and comfort and above all, customer satisfaction is our ultimate goal. With us you can expect polite, professional and experienced technicians to exterminate the wasps. Our programs have fully comprehension application for 24 hour emergency wasp removal service with immediate response.


  • Expert Technician: Our technicians use solutions approved by the state, federal and local authorities.
  • Effective pest control programs: We offer quarterly, monthly and bimonthly wasp control programs
  • We utilize the best methods and products available to rid wasps from your home.
  • Our chemical and biological measures reduce wasp re-infestation
  • Our up-to-date environmentally friendly products reduce exposure to any human being living within your premises
  • We target our treatments

Wasp removal & extermination services