Downers Grove Wildlife Removal

Downers Grove Raccoon ControlWhen spring time hits, animals do too. They hit high and low going into attics and under stoops looking for the best place to raise their young. Raccoons and squirrels are your typical attic invaders busting open soffits, fascia boards, tearing though attic fans and vents and sometime going straight through the roof. Skunks are notorious for digging under stoops and decks and opossums seem to get blamed a lot yet they just make use of whats available.

Our Downers Grove wildlife removal services are full service programs. From inspections and trap set ups to dead animal removal, baby animal removal, animal proofing, damage repairs, chimney caps, animal exclusion, odor removal and restoration services we are the complete package from start to finish for all of your nuisance wildlife problems.

Downers Grove Raccoon Control

Problem raccoons in the spring are probably the most aggressive of all the  animals we deal with. With extreme power and agility there isn’t much that can keep a raccoon out of a home especially common building materials. When we provide Downers Grove raccoon control services we always use steel and nothing less. When trying to provide raccoon exclusion with wood, mesh screen and sheet metal most quickly find out how easily they get right through these materials. Before we put any Downers Grove raccoon control in place we always ensure the raccoons are removed with humane raccoon trapping. Many times we receive calls a raccoon has torn its way into the home right through the ceiling because the entry point was closed premature. Downers Grove raccoon control takes experience in knowing exactly when to seal the hole because you want to make sure you get rid of the raccoons without sealing one inside but new ones aren’t going to take residence either. We have the experience to get rid of raccoons fast before too much damage can accumulate and have your home back to normal before you know it. Call today to inquire about our Downers Grove raccoon control services.