Bald Faced Hornet RemovalYou’ve probably heard or come across the bald-faced hornet. This is an insect found in North America. Their faces are mostly black in color while their face is white. Bald-faced hornets usually construct their aerial nests from chewed wood. They are social insects with mature nests housing between 100-600 workers. These insects do not reuse their nests the following year. Their nests are grey in color and full of compartments covered by a papery material. The nest can be quite impressive at its maturity with sizes of 24 inches in length and 15 inches in diameter. They nest exclusively outdoors in vines, shrubs, and other vegetation. Bald faced hornets can attach their nests to houses, overhangs, sheds and other structures. They construct most of their nests in exposed locations.

Bald faced hornets are quite dangerous and extremely aggressive insects. Actually they attack ferociously whenever they perceive any threat. To defend their nest they sting repeatedly till the threat is gone. Also they are easily alarmed by anything as simple as misinterpreted movement or a bump to their nest. Due to their color, size and odd shape, their nests attract a lot of attention especially from children. It would be safe to keep the area near the nest clear of people until a professional like us arrives.

In some cases it is advisable to get rid of the nest at night when the insects are asleep in their nest. Dust products or aerosol are quite effective. In certain cases, the applicator ought to wear protective cover. Poor technique may aggravate them hence provoking them to sting. However having their nest near your home is pesky since these insects eat many other varieties of insects you’d rather not deal with.

Since eliminating the nest is tricky due to the fact that it is always inaccessible, and contact with control material is inevitable, we would be obliged to offer you our extermination services. We are professional exterminators equipped with protective equipment, application equipment and control measures to ensure overall safety. First we will come to your premises and inspect it to establish their location before carrying out the necessary measures. We ensure that entry points in the structure are sealed after we’ve exterminated the insects. The main advantage why you should work with us is the fact that our services are fast and effective at exterminating the nests. It is typical of us to perform the task the same day you call us. Apart from that, we offer warranties guaranteed in writing for the entire season.


  • Careful inspection of potential nesting sites in your property
  • Prescription of an individual program based on the findings
  • We hold service, safety and satisfaction in the highest regard and offer prompt and professional services to all our customers
  • Our services are competitive and affordable

Our program guarantees that your home remains free of bald faced hornet for the entire year. It protects all the buildings as well as the trees and shrubs associated with your property. Bald Faced Hornet Removal & Extermination services.